About Pray for the Dead

Prayer for the Dead is an experiment in theater, an original musical comedy written for and about working class people. While much of the mainstream theater is marketed to the relatively prosperous, Pray for the Dead is designed for everyone else. Pray gleefully inhabits the issues of inequality, greed and corporate and political corruption raised in the 2016 political campaign and beyond in an inspiring parable about an unlikely uprising sparked by a group of morgue workers. 

Pray for the Dead was shown to a variety of working class and union audiences in the Washington, DC/Maryland during the summer of 2016.  (Click to Read More)

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Pray for the Dead Radio Show

The radio show is available for no cost here (Click Link): 

Pray for the Dead-A Musical Tale of Morgues, Moguls and Mutiny, was first played as a 30 minute radio version, with the music, on WPFW in Washington, DC and in San Francisco on Bill Fletcher’s weekly show Arise. The WPFW show included a 10 minute interview with Gene Bruskin.

The show also aired on public radio stations across the US and in Canada.



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