Watch the SHow

Below is video footage some of the scenes from a performance of Pray for the Dead at Busboys and Poets at their Hyattsville location in August, 2016.

The morgue workers sing about their plan to bury more corrupt political leaders to save their jobs-We Just Want Our Fair Share.
Dug Graves, funeral home owner, sings his self-pitying song and is eventually interrupted by Rusty Chrome, StealMore CEO-It's Not Easy to Be Rich.
The first leader falls and morgue workers Stefan and Helene sing about embalming techniques-Perfect for All To See
Morgue worker Benita is insulted by SteelMore CEO Rusty Chrome and sings-You Gotta Be Kiddin
The morgue worker Sisters of the Spirit sing about their mission
The Steelworkers sing as they decide to seize the StealMore plant-SteelMore Blues
The elite Vault members (Vaultures) sing about their demise-Kill Us All
The play ends as the "Old Lady" storyteller leads into the finale-Rise as One